Key technology of machining screw thread by CNC whirling machine

At present, the high-speed machining technology of CNC whirling machine has been widely used in many machining enterprises. However, using the whirling machine to process the screw thread is not mastered by all the factories. To ensure the precision of whirling machine, there are mainly the following elements need to be well mastered.

1.The cutter head to ensure high precision and smooth rotation; The ring tool holder will be running precisely and smoothly.

2.The tool head rack guide rail and workpiece axis should have high parallelism;

3.The workpiece chuck must have a higher accuracy.

4, The system should have high dynamic stiffness;

5, The cutting tool head should have high profile accuracy and impact resistance;

6, The position of multiple tool head to be accurate and ensure moderate feed;

7.The cutter head deflection Angle must be adjusted.


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