How is the screw rotor working?

The screw rotor is an important part of the screw, and the screw stator will generate heat friction when running, so one of the characteristics of the single screw is to prohibit dry operation, the friction generated by high temperature will make the stator rubber burned. If you need to start in the case of low oil temperature or high viscosity, you should start in the suction valve and bypass valve fully open conditions, such a start load is minimum, until the original motor reaches the rated speed, the bypass valve is gradually closed.

When it is working, the pressure, temperature and mechanical shaft seal should be checked. The shaft seal should allow traces of leakage, such as leakage not more than 20~30 seconds/drop, this is considered normal. If noise is generated during work, it is often due to low oil temperature, high oil viscosity, oil entering the air, coupling loss, excessive wear and tear, etc.

Screw rotor material optional: carbon steel, stainless steel, plated hard rolled stainless steel. The choice of wear resistant rotor can extend the service life of the rotor, the rotor is made of wear resistant and corrosion resistant metal materials, surface polishing treatment, high finish.


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