Hammer Manufacturing Process

What is a Hammer ?

A hammer is a portable instrument for striking another thing. It is made out of a handle to which is affixed a heavy head, often made of metal, with one or more hitting surfaces. There are many distinct types of hammers. The most frequent tool is a claw hammer, which is used for driving and pulling nails. Other typical kinds are the ball-peen and sledge hammers.


Hammer Manufacturing Process

9 Steps Hammer Manufacturing Process

Material Selection For Hammer Manufacturing Process

1.Material Selection: Select the appropriate materials for the hammer head and handle. The head is often composed of high-carbon steel or other alloys, while the handle might be wood, plastic, or metal.

2.Forging: After heating the metal to a specific temperature, shape the basic form of the hammer head with a forging press or by hand.

Forging For Hammer Manufacturing Process
Cutting and Shaping For Hammer Manufacturing Process

3.Cutting and Shaping: Cut the hammer head precisely to eliminate surplus material, resulting in exact shapes of the hammer face and claw.

4.Heat Treatment: Quenching and tempering increase the hammer head’s hardness and toughness. Quenching is the quick cooling following heating, whereas tempering is heating at a lower temperature to release tensions and avoid breaking.

Heat Treatment For Hammer Manufacturing Process
Grinding and polishing For Hammer Manufacturing Process

5.Grinding and polishing: Smooth the hammer head’s surface by removing the oxide layer and burrs.

6.Assembly: Secure the handle to the hammer head. A wooden handle is often fitted into a hole in the head and attached with a wedge; for metal or plastic handles, bolts or adhesives may be used.

Assembly Secure For Hammer Manufacturing Process
Coating Secure For Hammer Manufacturing Process

7.Coating: Apply anti-rust paint or other coatings to the hammer head to prevent corrosion and improve aesthetics.

8.Quality Inspection: Check the weight, balance, and secure connection of the hammer’s components to assure product quality.

Quality Inspection Secure For Hammer Manufacturing Process
Packaging For Hammer Manufacturing Process

9.Packaging: Finally, prepare the created hammers for sale.

Hammer Manufacturing Process Video

Hammer Production Machine Line

Three-position milling machine

Three-position milling machine

Dual-face milling machine

Dual-face milling machine

Dual-head milling machine

Dual-head milling machine

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