Seat Milling&Drlling Machine 

Seat Milling&Drilling Machine-2GZ32

CNC pliers joint seat milling machine 

Machine Application:

  • Pliers seating milling
  • Pliers hole drilling
  • Bolting cutter cutting edge milling
  • Adjustable Wrench hole drilling
  • Other milling& drilling operations

Machine Features

  • High torque head stock

The head stock adopts the converter motor, so the torque is big with low speed and good rigidity.

  • High production

It equals two set or three sets CNC drilling machines integrated. One operator can operate two or three working positions. It is very easy to operate and can improve production.

  • Box way on Z axis

Z axis adopts box way and pasting plastic technology, which is with better rigidity and higher precision.

  • CNC controlling

CNC system programming can be linked with fixture which can achieved Z axis auto tool backlash,fast tool feeding movement ,which can decrease the labor force intensity.

  • Servo motor on Z axis

Very fast-moving speed on Z axis

  • Hydraulic clamping system

Equipped with hydraulic clamping system.


Machine Specifiction:

Max. diametermmΦ32
Z travelmm400
Spindle nose to table distancemm600
Spindle taperM4
Spindle speedr/min0—1500
Two spindle distancemm450
Spindle motor powerkw2.2
Total powerkw6


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