Pliers Seat Milling&Drilling Machine

CNC pliers joint seat milling with dual station , high produciton , high precision

Machine Application:

  • Pliers
  • Ratchet spanner
  • Other milling or drilling operations


Machine Features:

  • One clamping for three operations

There are three axial outputs on each headstock, so it can mount three tools. This will save tool changing time because of once work piece clamping for three operations.

  • Compound machine with two headstocks and work table

There are two head stocks and two work tables, so these equal two CNC machines integrated. One operator can operate two work positions, so the floor covering will be less.

  • Dual channel controller

CNC system adopts the dual channel designing and parameterization programming, which is convenient to operate and reliable.

  • Standard CNC machine designing

The machine structure and manufacturing adopt the CNC machining center designing and manufacturing standards which is high precise and reliable.

  • Chip conveyor

The machine tool is shielded completely and equipped with chip conveyor system which can achieve the organized and clean working environment.

  • Full machine enclosure

The machine is enclosed fully, so the working environment is clean and organized.


Machine Specifications:

T slotmm3×18×115
Max.X axis travelmm300
Max.Y axis travelmm250
Max.Z axis travelmm400
Spindle nose to worktable mm140-540
Max. speedr/min1440
Spindle motor kw4KW
Spindle tapper Morse 4
Guide railX/Y:   linear rail  ; Z:boxway
Positioning precisionmm0.01
Repeated positioning precisionmm0.005
Total powerkw3 phase   380V    30KW


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