Pliers Cutting Edge Laser Hardening Machine

Automatic pliers cutting edge hardening machine

Machine Introduction:

Laser hardening (also known as laser heat treatment) refers to the use of high-energy laser beam as a heat source, through the laser generated by the laser generator and external light transmission and focus, the formation of a high energy beam, the workpiece surface quickly heated to the phase transition region and quickly cooled, so as to achieve the heat treatment process on the surface of metal substrate.

Compared with the traditional heat treatment method, it has the advantages of good controllability, strong directivity, high energy density, good uniformity of hardness of heat treatment layer and high degree of automation.


Machine Feature:

  • Better evenness of hardening

      As long as the laser can be irradiated, such as the tooth tip, cutting edge, etc., the hardness is consistent

  • No need quenching water

      Due to fast heating speed of the laser, the hardening can be done immediately and no need cooling medium required.

  • No deformation no oxidation and decarburization

      Thanks to very precise laser beam, it will be only effect on hardening area, so there is no deformation.small heat affected zone, no deformation, almost no oxidation and decarburization.

  • Better hardening performance

     After quenching, the hardness is uniform and the structure is fine, which is higher than the conventional quenching (2-5HRC), the hardening layer is 0.2-1.5mm deep, and the wear resistance and life can be increased  by 3-5 times.

  • No black hardening part

     There is no black part in quenching, and the shear performance is greatly improved.

  • Saving power consumption

    Power consumption of 7KW/h, comparing with conventional induction heating, it is very less.

  • No need skilled worker

    This is an automatic CNC machine with rotary table, so operator just need to put the workpiece.

  • Better working environment

The machine is equipped with good-looking enclosure and the quenching water is not required, so it can be located clean workshop.


Machine Specifications:

LaserLaser power:   10~2000W continuously adjustable.
Fiber systemCore diameter   600 m, length 15m
Laser collimating headCollimating   focal length: 100mm, focusing focal length: 300mm
Laser focusing moduleEnsure speckle   effect and heat treatment consistency
ChillerDouble   temperature control to provide cooling water for laser and external optical   path
Multi-station four-axis systemProfessional   laser CNC system, equipped with industrial control computer, to achieve XYZ   moving, stroke X: 500mm, Y: 400mm, Z: 300mm (the specific stroke is   determined according to the workpiece)
Positioning   PrecisionPositioning   accuracy: ≤±0.035mm Repeat positioning accuracy: ≤±0.01mm.
Axes   linkageAxis A and XYZ   form A four-axis linkage
Smoke purification systemImplement   smoking and dust removal in work area (prevent pollution)
Refrigerated dryerFilter and dry   compressed air

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