Pliers Cheek Grinding Machine

CNC pliers cutting edge milling machine 

Machine Introduction:

Double end grinder is a kind of high efficiency plane processing machine tool, grinding two parallel end faces at the same time in a processing process, according to the structure can be divided into horizontal and vertical two, according to the feeding way, and can be divided into perforating type, rotary type, reciprocating.

Because of the high precision and high production efficiency of the grinding products, they are widely used in many industries such as automobile, bearing and magnetic materials.

The piston pin, piston ring, valve washer, connecting rod, cross shaft, valve sheet, fork, hydraulic pump blade, rotor, stator, compressor slide, bearing inner and outer ring and roller, electronic industry of magnetic ring, magnetic steel sheet, graphite plate and other materials of the product are suitable for processing.


Machine Specifiction:

Grinding wheelmmΦ260×125 
Grinding head axial adjustment distancemm150mm one side
Grinding head motor powerkw5.5
Total powerkw13.2
Worktable travelmm300
Worktable speed Stepless speed


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