CNC Pliers Cutting Edge Milling Machine

CNC pliers cutting edge milling machine 

Machine Applications:

  • Long nose pliers cutting edge milling
  • Combination pliers cutting edge milling
  • Side cutter cutting edge milling

Machine Features:

  • Three operations machining by one clamping

The right and left piece can be clamped at two fixtures which can mill the inside edge, outside edge and oval hole at the same time.

  • Easy to operate

The feeding rate can be controlled by program for the inside and outside cutting edge, so it is very easy to operate. The milling quality is stable and the two piece matching is very good.

  • High precision
The milling quality is stable and the two piece matching is very good due to CNC controlling.
  • Better machining finish

Using high speed carbide insert, the finish is very good.

  • Saving labor force

With hydraulic clamping and auto feeding, this will save labor force much.

Machine Specification:

Parameters Unit 4GX-D
Worktable area mm 670×300
Z axis adjustment mm 60
Spindle speed r/min 940
Tapper size of inner hole of vertical shaft M3
Motor power of vertical shaft Kw 1.5
Horizontal axis adjustment for Z axis mm 40
X axis travel mm 200
Vertical axis travel mm 180
Horizontal spindle speed r/min 2800
Horizontal spindle tapper No.2 /7:24
Horizontal axis motor power Kw 2.2
Horizontal axis adjustment for Y axis mm 80
Total power Kw 7.4
Dimensions mm 2300×1010×1700
Weight Kg 2300
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