Adjustable Wrench Handle CNC Compound Machine

Adjustable Wrench Jaw CNC Compound Machine-3GX

CNC adjustable wrench jaw milling machine 

Machine Feature

  • Less work forces

The work force of the CNC line is only 20% less than the conventional line. The labor force cost will decrease 0.14USD/pcs.

  • High cost-performance

The CNC investment of the CNC line is only 0.0.3USD/pcs at one shift more comparing the conventional line if it is according to 10 years depreciation of equipment.

According to the calculation, the CNC line will decrease around 0.1USD/pcs comparing the conventional line.

  • Better quality control

The CNC line product quality is mainly controlled by machines which will decrease the reliance on the skilled workers.

  • Better machining precision

The CNC line precision level is much higher and the quality is stable and reliable.

  • Less cycle time

The CNC line processes are compact which will decrease the working turnover and cycle stock.


Machine Specifications:

T slotmm3×18×115
Max.X axis travelmm1300
Max.Y axis travelmm250
Max.Z axis travelmm240
Max. speedr/min700/1440/700/105
Spindle motorkw1.5/4/2.2/7.5
Guide railX/Y   axis: linear rail  ; Other axes: box   way
Positioning precisionmm0.01
Repeated positioning precisionmm0.005
Total powerkw3 phase   380V    22KW

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