Pliers Polishing Machine

CNC Pliers Polishing Machine-PQ750

CNC Automatic plier polishing machine for all faces

Machine Introduction:

This is a CNC fully automatic polishing machine which is designed for pliers polishing. It is equipped with 9 axes which can polish all faces for many kinds of the pliers. This is the latest technology in hand tools polishing around the world.



It can polish many kinds of pliers, like combination pliers, long nose pliers, side cutter, water pump pliers etc.


Machine Feature:

  1. Fully automation solution. No need to rely on the skilled workers.
  2. Can decrease the polishing labor cost a lot. One normal worker can operate four machine who will only put the workpiece.
  3. Euipped with Japanese laser calibration system on the machine to avoid from workpiece difference issue.
  4. Specailly designed clamping system to obtain rigid and equal clamping.
  5. Using Taiwan SYNTECH controller which can fulfill remote programming for the user.
  6. One clamping for all operations. The production can be 600 pairs/shift. (Subject to different condition)
  7. Adopting the coolant polishing to avoid from dust pollution. In this case, the workshop can be very clean and organized for building good company image.

Machine Specifications:

X axis   travel700mm
Y axis   travel500mm
Z axis   travel100mm
A axis   travel±50°
B axis   travel360°
Feeding system X axis travel500mm
Feeding system Y axis travel300mm
Feeding system Z axis travel30mm
Right side main motor torque  5.5KW
Middle main motor torque4KW
Left side main motor torque 4KW
Repeated positioning0.01mm
Total power22 kw
Machine   size2800*2300*2400mm
Machine   Weight 10T

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