Bolt Cutter Edge Milling Machine

Bolt Cutter Cutting Edge Milling Machine-5GX

Specail purpose machine for bolt cutter cutting edge milling

Machine Features:

l  One clamping for three operations

The work piece can be clamped with one time for profile milling, inside edge, outside edge ,this is new and key technology for making high quality pliers and bolt cutter.

l  Five axes controlled by CNC

The five movement axes are all controlled by CNC, so the quality is stable and reliable.

l  Easy to operation

The control system adopts the parameter programming, so it is very easy to operate and reliable.

l  Standard CNC machine designing

The machine structure and manufacturing adopt the CNC machining center designing and manufacturing standards which is high precise and reliable.

l  Full enclosure

The machine tool is shielded completely and equipped with chip conveyor system which can achieve the organized and clean working environment.

Machine Specifications:

Max.X   axis travelmm700
Max.Y   axis travelmm150
Max.Z1   axis travelmm200
Max.Z2   axis travelmm300
Max.Z3   axis travelmm200
Horizontal   spindle motorkw5.5KW/7.5KW
Horizontal   spindle tapper 7:24
Vertical   spindle motorkw1.5KW
Vertical   spindle tapper Morse 4
Guide   railX/Y/Z1/Z2/Z3: box way
Positioning   precisionmm0.02
Repeated   positioning precisionmm0.01
Total   powerkw20.5KW
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